17 Way To Tell If You Have Bad Breath

It’s easy to wonder what your breath smells like. However, it is difficult to tell if you have bad breath. You should be aware of this and you can manually determine if it’s time to brush your teeth. 

Except for halitosis which is chronic bad smell and should be referred to a dentist or doctor. For example, you could try licking the inside of your wrist and then sniffing it afterwards. 

This will give you an indication of the smell of your breath.

Bad breath can make you look embarrassed. Unwittingly, you can walk around with your mouth full of halitosis, until a friend, or worse, a romantic partner, tells you that your breath smells bad. 

There are many “breath tests”, which you can do on your own to determine what your breath smells. Although these methods won’t give you an exact indication of what others smell, they can help you get a general idea.

We care about you and would like to share 17 ways to tell if your breath may not be so fresh as a stick of mint gum.

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